A bit of humor – The Most ‘Anti-Essential’ Christian Books

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A post about a post about a post. A funny take poking fun at popular theologians writings. The original Post from Eugene Cho can be read here.

Most ‘Anti-Essential’ Christian Books

Cho Eugene Cho prints a funny list of Christian books that don’t exist (yet.) The best ones:

There’s No ‘U’ in Ministry: A Woman’s Guide – Mark Driscoll
I’m Cool With Whatever (Featuring Enhanced Doodle Graphics) – Brian McLaren
This Book Looks Longer Than It Really Is – Rob Bell
10 Keys To The 8 Steps To The 3 Paths To The 1 Way to God (TM) – Rick Warren
God’s Most Glorified When We’re Most Calvified in Him – John Piper

Be sure to check out the whole list.

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