German American Differences – Part 1

Disclaimer: When talking about specific people or cultural groups I realize that generalizations cannot be applied to all. However, I would argue that in many cases certain characteristics in varying degrees do apply. If that were not so, one could not speak of cultural distinctives.

In the USA a saying goes “one should never talk about religion or politics.”  After reading this blog post you will have a better understand of why this saying came to be.

German fans at the FIFA Worldcup 2006 in Germa...

It has been my experience that Americans (Citizens of the USA) and Germans relate to the sensitive topics of politics and religion differently. Americans can become easily emotionally involved and take differences of opinion personally. Germans on the other hand have an uncanny ability to calmly discuss such topics and remain untouched on a personal level.

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The American seems to have his/her personal interests inextricably wound up with theoretical issues and their implementation. The German seems to be able to compartmentalize such things more succinctly. He/she does not equate a difference in opinion regarding religion or politics to be a personal affront.

The moral of the story: Be careful when discussing politics and religion, especially when and American is involved, less so with a German