Andy Potter

Andrew Potter grew up in Michigan and in his freshman year at Michigan State University became involved with evangelical Christianity. After studying computer information science he began working as a computer programmer in 1985, a career which he practiced full time until 1999.

In the early 1990s he moved to Dortmund Germany. This was a long process which included a two year stint living in southern England near Maidstone.

In 1999 he began studying theology full time at the Freie Theologische Akademie in Giessen Germany (now FTH). He graduated from the FTA in 2004 with a degree at a master’s niveau but unfortunately not recognized by the German government. In 2006 he received an accredited Master’s degree from the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit in Leuven Belgium. Subsequently he enrolled in the PhD program at the ETF and is currently working in his Doctorate.



  • Jonathan says:

    I stumbled onto your blogs this evening and wanted to drop you a note. I’ve been interested in knowledge structuring and argumentation in Christian theology/apologetics for awhile now. I’m like you in that I like graphical displays of information better that dense text and have toyed a bit with different tools to achieve these goals (but never to my satisfaction). I’m wondering if you are aware of any open-source tools for achieve the goal of visuaization of arguments and computer-assisted argument analysis? I’d like to discuss this more if you have the time.
    Jonathan Noble

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for the note. Yes, I have time to discuss. As you’ve obviously seen the Orthotomeo Project is one attempt to get something like this developed. I will be doing much more development on that this fall. As far as other projects go, one that comes to mind is Argunet – , Austhink – is another one, but it is not open source and I’m not sure if it fits what you want.


      • Jonathan says:

        I’d like to email you directly on some questions I have, based on papers you’ve written, about argumentation reasoning, controlled natural languages, etc. I don’t see your email address posted here. Could you indicate the best address to reach you at?

  • I read some articles here and quite appreciated your expression for example “Where are the protests?” on one hand and “Hats off to Mubarak” and I also enjoyed reading “Theological Mapping and Contradiction Free Systems”. I happened to land on your site through some “Drupalabra” you had on

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