Browser Ping Pong

I have just transitioned into the next round of browser ping pong. I am an openSUSE Linux user. For years, I had been an avid Firefox user. Even as people were ranting and raving about Google-Chrome I remained true to Firefox for quite some time.

But then out of curiosity in the summer of 2010 I gave Google-Chrome a try and to my surprise was greatly impressed. My Firefox had become slow (perhaps because to many add-ons were installed). Google-Chrome was fast, very fast. Also, the installation of add-ons was very nice. Searching for add-ons and installing them can’t get much better than in Google-Chrome. Firefox still persists in forcing a restart after the installation of add-ons. It is reminiscent of the Windows OS, which seems to believe that the ultimate purpose of an OS is to reboot. As a Linux user I am accustomed to making major changes to the installation and using them immediately without the need of an interim reboot.

Anyway, back to the Browser tale. Google-Chrome was impressive on many fronts. A few things had been bugging me but I was willing to live with them. One thing I missed was the quick ability to switch search engines that one has in Firefox. Another was the lack of a sidebar. Normally, that is not a big deal but the Delicious add-on for Firefox is very nice and makes good use of the sidebar. Another thing that is bothersome with Google-Chrome is that it crashes whenever I try to upload an Image from disk. This is a well documented bug. The routine of watching Google-Chrome disappear, switching to Firefox to upload a file and then return to Google-Crome, becomes old very quickly.

Another thing that happened just today is that Google-Chrome decided to start displaying links with a red background. This is not a bug in WordPress. It happens an many different websites and I cannot figure out why.

So I then upgraded Chrome from version 7.x to 8.0 hoping that this would solve those two problems. Well, it didn’t. So that was the last straw. Looks like I’ll be Firefox user for a while until Google comes out with another release. It’s nice that the two of them keep fighting it out. It improves the product. In this process I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that xMarks is back in business. So syncing my browser bookmarks is once again simplified.



  • Thanks John, I found the culprit. It was the extension SEO Site Tools. As soon as i uninstalled it things were back to normal. :(

  • I’m still wondering if my blog site may have been hacked, but that doesn’t explain why the red background occurs on different sites. A browser can’t be hacked, can it???

    As for a rogue extension, I’ll have to try and retrace my steps. That’s a possibility.

    I like Chrome a lot as well. It just feels better. Lots of little things. But I’m curious about FF 4.0 also. I’m still with FF 3.6. The 4.0 Beta won’t run on my machine. :(

  • John says:

    Wow, I have never had either of those bugs happen to me, first I’ve heard of them. With the red links…are you sure it’s not some rogue extension? Some of the extensions have caused issues for me in the past. Otherwise I guess they’re due to the *nix version of Chrome… bummer.

    But for Windows and Mac, IMHO, Chrome continues to be FAR better than Firefox and light years better than Safari if for nothing else than its simplicity and speed.

  • jeff moore says:

    you almost had me convinced to give chrome more of a try. But then I kept reading.

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