Theophan the Recluse was one cool dude

Lately I have been listening quite a bit to Ancient Faith Radio. I know this makes me uncool, but I’m less concerned about being cool than having somthing help me keep in tune with God. They play music interspersed with readings from the Church Fathers among others. Today they had a few readings from St. Theophan the Recluse and one of them really impressed me becasue it spoke directly to some things I’ve been struggling with lately as if he was reading my mind.

I’ve scoured the internet to find the reading but have not found it yet.  But I did find some other cool quotes, you can find more here

You write that you are having trouble controlling your thoughts; they scatter easily, and praying does not proceed as you wish; and that, in the midst of the day, in the midst of toil and association with others, there is little remembrance of God. Instantaneous prayer life is impossible. You must make a strong effort to control your thoughts, at least to some degree. Prayer does not come about as you expect—by just wishing for it, and, suddenly, there it is. This does not happen.

There is a widely-accepted misconception among us that when one becomes involved in work at home or in business, immediately one steps out of the godly realm and away from God-pleasing activities. From this idea, it follows that once the desire to strive toward God germinates, and talk turns toward the spiritual life, then the idea inevitably surfaces: one must run from society, from the home—to the wilderness, to the forest. Both premises are erroneous! Homes and communities depend on concerns of daily life and society. These concerns are God-appointed obligations; fulfilling them is not a step toward the ungodly, but is a walking in the way of the Lord.


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