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Scot is starting a series in which he evaluates New Testament commentaries. This should prove to be very interesting.

Pastor’s Bookshelf: MatthewI’m going to begin a series on commentaries for pastors, teachers, and those who want to study the New Testament. I will try to give my top five commentaries, but one has to make judgments each time and there are many others who could be mentioned. Go ahead and mention others. So, here goes for solid, historical, and exegetical works.

The best, most complete commentary ever written on Matthew is by Dale Allison and W.D. Davies. It’s 3 volumes; it’s very complete; and it’s very, very good. Davies-Allison, A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew (The International Critical Commentary) .
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My second recommendation is by Don Hagner, the Word Biblical Commentary: Word Biblical Commentary Matthew.

Third, I recommend R.T. France’s new commentary in the NICNT series: The Gospel of Matthew (New International Commentary on the New Testament) .

Fourth, the new commentary by David Turner is thoughtful and theologically sensitive: Matthew (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament) .

Finally, one can read each of the above and still gain insights from John Nolland: The Gospel Of Matthew: A Commentary On The Greek Text (New International Greek Testament Commentary) .

OK, preachers and teachers, any other suggestions?
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